Welcome to ERCC, embrace the breath of success!




Each time the Times progress, is the revolutionary technology leading, the digital economy time has already arrived, profoundly affects each profession. As an open-source and intelligent contract-based public blockchain platform, ethereal square plays an important role in the blockchain field. On December 1,2020, ethereum 2.0, the UNIX timestamp 1606824000, was officially launched. ETHEREUM entered a new phase of development, bringing about radical changes in the economic model and improving overall security and scalability, eTH2.0 is the largest open source effort in the history of encrypted digital assets to create a more equitable network environment and generate exponential user and economic growth, the aim is to deliver a completely new system that can meet the expectations of Ethereal Square. Erc Core Change (ERCC) is a decentralized verification platform based on ethereum 2.0 etuereum Request for Comments (ERC) blockchain technology standard family, building a safe, stable, open and transparent benefit-sharing ecosystem for the new generation, uSERS CAN DIRECTLY PARTICIPATE IN ERC Core Change, take the self-management mode on the chain, participate in the platform ecological construction, mining digital wealth assets. ERCC is following in the footsteps of the industry, tapping the potential of the global community to contribute to the future of digital finance and technology and revolutionize the decentralized digital financial system. The ERCC platform has the mission to innovate blockchain and digital financial technology, and build a most valuable digital assets ecosystem based on the trust and transparency of blockchain. In order to achieve the vision mission, the ERCC core transformer system, with the unique incentive model to gather the strength of the global community, establish two-way trust mechanism and efficiency feedback channel, open up a more transparent and efficient market, to provide continuous impetus for the healthy development of ERCC. The core competitive advantages of ERCC guarantee the rights and interests of all community users. To small and large, in and out of the ether, to earn mainstream digital assets; decentralized operation, incentive system positive dial ratio, balance the interests of users, never sunset; unique Etha multi-visa technical security, assets all their own control; ERCC digital pass value space is unlimited, debt mechanism Heiner Community Team; ethereal core core core core intelligent single system and multi-currency cross-chain technology to run freely; position management, precise regulation, incremental engine, Stop Surplus Nirvana, two-way cycle, circle of Life. Looking ahead, ERC Core Change has developed the first phase of its three year plan, which will be launched in 2021 and will lead ETH2.0 Change to enrich the ETH ecosystem by channeling, directing, and directing millions of users to participate in infrastructure and ecological layouts, extend the cross-link SWAP function to create a new generation of Ethernet! Welcome to ERCC, embrace the breath of success!

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