With the establishment of OTCWAP cryptocurrency fund, the ADF Token starts simultaneously

01-14     Golden Finance

OTCWAP (OTCWAP Development Foundation), a subsidiary of Wall Street MicroStrategy encryption asset investment group, will soon launch bitcoin fund for professional investors after completing its application to the Securities Regulatory Commission for the establishment of corporate entity. After that, institutional investors will take the lead in completing the ADF token subscription of up to US $9 million.


On January 8, 2021, OTCWAP, Asia's first cryptocurrency asset management company, announced the launch of its foundation and the public offering plan of ADF  token. It is an independent Asian crypto asset trust management company. Through its trust products, the company provides investors with the opportunity to purchase, store and keep digital currency. And they have long focused on investing in cryptocurrency and its financial products, especially in the bitcoin market.

On the day of the sale of ADF token, there was a warm response of support. Many supporters actively subscribed and completed 150% of the first day's sale target. OTCWAP foundation sold more than 150 million ADF tokens and raised about 8000 ETH.

Steve Chen, the CEO of the OTCWAP foundation, himself is very positive about the value of cryptocurrency. He once said in an interview that from the bitcoin market in 2020, it can be seen that the interest of European and American institutions in cryptocurrency is constantly increasing, and cryptocurrency assets such as bitcoin are forming a new force that can not be ignored in the market. He believes that in 2021, institutional investors will enter the cryptocurrency market on a large scale. So we hope to get in before the price goes up further.


Steve Chen said that ADF sales plan is divided into two stages, the first day is for professional investors or investors with investment qualifications to register to buy. It has completed the first stage of the sales task. The second phase will be open to all registrants. After the OTCWAP is launched in the US OTCQX market, the holders of ADF pass can exchange securities with the foundation through the pledge token, and the securities can be freely traded through the market.

Steve Chen further revealed that ADF pass will repay OTCWAP securities owners through an exclusive foundation certification mechanism. Users holding ADF pass will enjoy the double benefits of the rising stock price and token price at the same time. The investment ecosystem established by OTCWAP will greatly promote the development of foundation encryption asset management and ADF. This will help us further towards our goal of becoming an excellent encryption asset management company in Asia.

About OTCWAP—— The most outstanding investment institution in the world

OTCWAP Development Foundation (ID Number: 20208075481) is a cryptocurrency investment institution approved by Colorado. The company manages more than $200 million in encrypted assets, mainly through a wide range of investment products, including bitcoin trusts and traditional large equity funds. It uses blockchain technology to accelerate the development of a better financial system, and purchases and supports cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through professional investment foresight, exclusive information and capital. In addition, it also invests in or acquires blockchain technology companies with development prospects, so as to gradually become the best encryption asset management company in Asia.

Our expansion goals

More than 10 funds

More than 300 professional investment personnel

More than 3 billion US dollar asset management

More than 100 billion US dollar investment market value

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